Thursday, 18 April 2013

Video time!

I've been busy busy busy lately doing all sorts of fan art drawings that I will post about on here some time but today I thought I would show you a couple of videos.

Here's one of me inking a cheeky cat & toothy fish.

This one is a quick flip through of some cat pictures in my sketchbook.

You may of noticed I've been using a brown paper sketchbook. I really love the different effect it gives the drawings, although I do have to be careful when using markers as the colours don't always come out as expected.

I'm thinking about some more videos. Maybe of me colouring a picture or a run through of the type of pens I use. Is there anything you would like to see?
Also has anyone got advice on where to have the tripod/camera stood? I don't know how other manage to get such clear shots of their work.

Hope you enjoyed the videos, bye for now :)


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