Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve!

Yay one more sleep till Christmas day...presents! I hope you all have a lovely day whatever your plans are.

I did end up making my own Christmas cards with the sewn decorations hanging in the middle. Never again though! hehe, honestly I am so bad at paper craft it took me forever to make each card. And being a bit of a ninny I forgot to take any photos of them before I posted them all out. But some people have kindly taken photos for me, so if I get enough I will post them on here.

I've been having a break for Christmas themed art and finally broke in my Moleskine sketchbook. I've been watching Tenchi lately so I have a lot of anime sketches to show you. There's something very relaxing in just drawing fan art sketches.

But before that enjoy some Christmasy photos!

Tinsel :D

Pete makes a good tree!

Even Suki joined in.

Had one of my best buddies round, Amy for some xmas crafting and sweetie eating!

Ok now onto the sketches!

Lots of cabbits, can never have enough cabbits.


My Moleskine paper did not like the marker pens much.

Lastly more Tenchi girls and Kiki's delivery service.


See you after Christmas, hope you all have a wonderful holiday :D

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