Monday, 5 November 2012

Sparkle Sparkle!

I am at a bit of a loss without my beloved grey marker pens. I've been trying my hand at pencil & colour pencil work but I just can't get my head into it. Hopefully I will be able to order some marker refills this week and back to being a doodlebug!

This weekend was bonfire night and I went to family firework display. Now I am a big wimp when it comes so fireworks, they have always given me the hibbie-jibbies. But I sucked it up and played with some sparklers! These aren't the best photos but I thought they were pretty enough to share.

Picture 039

Picture 037

Picture 036
Pete having some sparkling fun.

Picture 035
Whoop two at once!

Hope you all had a nice weekend and fingers crossed next time I update I'll have some finished art work to show you all.


  1. Ohh yay, I love sparklers! I haven't played with any this year though, boo!

    Alli xx

    1. I normally freak out because I think they will burn my fingers, I blame those safety adverts as a kid ;)

  2. Yay for sparklers! I didn't have any this year :( Going to have to make up for it next year I thinks! xox

    1. aw you could always get some for new years eve? xxx



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