Friday, 23 November 2012

More xmas crafting!

I have been crafting non-stop this week and have more tree hanging decorations to show.
These ones took a lot longer to make than the present shaped ones because of all the little bead details. It's slow going work & I keep stabbing my finger with the needle but I think they are worth it hehe.

A mix of gold, red and silver beads.

I really like these Icy coloured ones, they have turquoise backs to them. Unfortunately I have run out of black & white cotton those only six so far. 

I've had an idea to turn these into cards. Bought cards are always expensive so I don't think it'll be much difference in price. I have done a couple of test runs that I will show a sneaky peek of in a sec. They are a bit plain at the moment so maybe some glitter? I will raid the craft stores tomorrow for supplies and hopefully get some more ideas. 
There is only a limited number of these cards I can make in time for Christmas so some people might just get normal cards from me, but all those who normally get presents off me will have one. If Pete likes them enough I'll put some aside for his family too. 


I have taped the decoration to the inside of the card with masking tape so that when people are finished with the card (or straight away if they wish) they can take it off and hang it on their tree's. 

Right back to sewing!



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