Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Exorcist

Hello, I'm back and this time with some art to show you. Did you miss me? I've been a busy bee the last two weeks and finally broke out of my art block.
As it's October I thought I would draw something spooky in time for Halloween. One of the first horror movies I bought on VHS was The Exorcist. I hope you like my marker pen version of the little possessed girl.


Had a little difficulty with the hair in this one and as always in the scanning, trying to get the colours to match the original.

Some work in progress photos for you. Sorry about the terrible lighting, I really need to get a new bulb for the broken lamp!


 WIP 2


I have another drawing already finished but I have yet to scan that in. I hate using my scanner, I can never get the settings right. Plus I am working on a coloured drawing as my beloved Tria grey pens are running out. Thankfully they do refills! 

I can't remember if I told you before but I have a facebook page of my finished art works,

Hope you enjoyed my post, I will be seeing you all again soon! 


  1. Lovely work. I agree with you on the scanner, I can never get my work to look right with it either.

    The best solution i found is from another artist, during a digital image processing course on fine art photography, and how he does it as a professional amateur (i gave it to my partner who is a photographer and he did a brilliant job making my prints for the show last summer)- I can email you the instruction the artist sent to me if you like

    1. Thank you :D

      And yes please! That would be so helpful. My partner is a photographer as well, I always get him help me with photoshop when editing the scan.
      I sometimes think it would just be a whole lot easier if I got him to take a of photo of the finished drawing instead hehe.

    2. Might help if I gave you my email, doh!


  2. This is amazing! It looks soo great! You are so truly talented!

    1. Thank you lovely :)
      How are you getting on with the tattooing? xx

  3. So envious of your artistic skiiiills! <3

    And psh, of course I follow your blog! I have done for ages :)

    Alli xxx



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