Sunday, 21 October 2012

Greta Gremlin

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a nice Sunday. I have my finished coloured illustration of Greta Gremlin from the Gremlins II to show you. I always find using the coloured markers more tricky than grey tones, there's so much more that can go wrong. I almost gave up on this one a couple of times but glad I stuck with it in the end as I have received some lovely compliments on FB and Tumblr.

Greta Gremlin

I used a mix of tria, promarkers and a few coloured pencils. I really need to get a better set of coloured pencils, I'm just using an old WHSmiths set.




I've been trying to find a good photo of Gizmo to work from but not having much luck.
I really should make a start on Christmas present projects soon, it's come around so quickly! Anyway that's all for today, bye!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pretty as a picture!

See I promised I would be back soon. Breaking away from my spooky Halloween theme, I have a drawing of my friend to share with you all.


I am really please with this one. Plus it didn't take me too long to finish. Not only beautiful, my friend is a very talented photographer. Please check out her photo page on facebook.

Only a couple of work in progress photos this time.



Sadly my grey Tria markers have run out now so I have to wait till I can order some refills before I can draw any more grey portraits.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Exorcist

Hello, I'm back and this time with some art to show you. Did you miss me? I've been a busy bee the last two weeks and finally broke out of my art block.
As it's October I thought I would draw something spooky in time for Halloween. One of the first horror movies I bought on VHS was The Exorcist. I hope you like my marker pen version of the little possessed girl.


Had a little difficulty with the hair in this one and as always in the scanning, trying to get the colours to match the original.

Some work in progress photos for you. Sorry about the terrible lighting, I really need to get a new bulb for the broken lamp!


 WIP 2


I have another drawing already finished but I have yet to scan that in. I hate using my scanner, I can never get the settings right. Plus I am working on a coloured drawing as my beloved Tria grey pens are running out. Thankfully they do refills! 

I can't remember if I told you before but I have a facebook page of my finished art works,

Hope you enjoyed my post, I will be seeing you all again soon! 


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