Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Hello all, I have something a bit more exciting to show you this week. I managed to make my first time lapse video of me drawing the picture below. I have to admit it was a pain setting up the camera and having to stop every time the battery run out. Don't even get me started on the editing process! Apart from all that I am pleased with the finished video, I plan to do more in the future and hopefully get better a the camera angle etc.

I have also set up a Facebook page for my artwork in case anyone is interested in taking a peak at some recent and older work.!/SarahDicksonArt 

Louise with her amazing hair is a facebook friend who kindly volunteered for my coloured marker practice.

The time lapse video, please excuse my array of jim jam tops!

Those who don't want to view the video, here is a couple of work in progress photos.




  1. This is amazing Sarah! I love time lapse videos, and your marker drawings are seriously brilliant, as I have said so many times before! Axx

    1. Thank you lovely <3 got serious rage trying to get that video edited hehe x

  2. Rreally interesting to see your proccess on your video-the finished piece is awesome too :)

    1. Thank you :) I think I will have to start taking photos of the finished drawings as the scan really loses a lot of the detail. x

  3. amazing! love the fiery red hair. Great seeing progress shots - gives you a sense of what the artist has gone through!!



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