Monday, 16 April 2012


Sorry for the long overdue update, I am working on a marker drawing at the moment but it's not finished yet so instead I shall tell you about my wonderful trip to the Wellcome Collection.

Now you all know I love brains. Well the Wellcome Collection had an event on yesterday called Brain Jar. One of the events on that day was to view a dissected brain with a 15 min talk from an anatomists. I cannot tell how excited I was, the talk was brilliant and the anatomists Dr Richard Wingate was so lovely in answering my question during the talk and taking the time to talk with me afterwards about neuroscience. I wish I could of talked with him for longer but he kindly gave me his card as I stated neuroscience is something I would really love to study.
Obviously I would not be able to attend full time college/uni at least not at the moment because of my health conditions but I am seriously thinking about doing a home learning course or even part time if possible.
I think I would take a more neurology route but either way it definitely something I wish to know more about and how to get involved in. I worry I might be a little too old to start learning this, plus my illness may hold me back but watching that lecture really gave me a "this is what I want to do with my life" moment.

There is another exhibition running called Brains: The mind as matter that I will be going back to see in a couple of weeks. Wish I could of seen it yesterday but the queue was humongous and I had already waited over an hour in line for the other event, so I will go in Petes holiday during a weekday.
Of course there are other exhibitions running full time that I saw, here's a couple of photos for you to enjoy!

UntitledCross section of the human body. So beautiful close up.

Mr Jelly
A lot of the things there are a mix of art sculptures, I couldn't resist having my photo taken with the jolly guy.

I am still buzzing from the whole day and cannot wait to go back to see more. If you're in London I recommend you go.

I haven't mentioned what I've been reading lately as I have been flying through my books. One have on at the moment is "The Mating Mind by Geoffrey Miller" brilliant book on the how sexual choice in evolution developed the human brain. I also read "Genome by Matt Ridley" another great book, I would like to read his "The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature", my amazon wish list is huge!

Well that's me done for tonight and hopefully it wont be so long till my next update!

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