Saturday, 11 February 2012

Family traits

Sorry I didn't manage to get any art done this week. Thought instead I would show you a couple of pictures of my Dads artwork I took while visiting over Christmas. Artistic talent runs in my family, my Dad does amazing detailed work. The pictures were taken of framed drawings so apologies they look a little warped from the angle & glass.

This is a lynx made up of tiny dots. I've seen him draw one of these before on my computer, no pre sketching just straight to dots!

Tiger pencil drawing. I wish I had of taken more pictures of his work but the light was fading, maybe I can get him to scan some work in.

My mum is also a talented seamstress and used to make her own clothes when she was younger, She even made the bridesmaids dresses for my brothers wedding. Sadly it's not a talent I gained, although I can sew and make plushes when it comes to clothing I can't sew a stitch.


  1. His work is great, I especially like the running cat. Nice photo of him drawing too : )

    1. I realised after I posted them drawings, he would of been in his early 20's when he drew those, younger than I am now.

      I really like that photo too, He hasn't drawn in years so it's good to him doing it again :) x



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