Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Doll's life

Hello! Bit of an early update this week because I plan to busy tomorrow & then do lots resting over the weekend, why you may ask? Well it's my 26th birthday tomorrow, scary stuff this getting older business. Birthdays are always a bit of a mixed bag for me as it feels like my life has been on hold since becoming too ill to work back when I was 19. I never thought I would still be waiting to get better by the time my 26th birthday rolled around. But I try to remain positive, maybe this year will be the start of recovery. And of course on the other hand, yay present day!

I am working on a marker drawing at the moment of Boris Karloff as Frankensteins monster. I've had the sketch finished since October. Hopefully I will have it finished and ready to show you all by my next blog update.

What I do have to show you today is the dolls I made for two of my friends as Christmas presents. I am really pleased with how they both came out and when the sewing bug strikes again I think I will turn a few more friends into doll form. All is hand sewn and made with felt.

vix doll
This is the dollie of my friend Vix. She's a photographer hence the little camera, you can checkout her work here. Wednesday Addams Photography.

Sophie doll
And this is the dollie of my friend Sophie. She is also an artist that makes the most amazing alternative jewellery and accessories. You can follow her page here, Sophie Adamson Art & Accessories.

That's me done for another week, hope you enjoyed the post :)


  1. These turned out great! You really should consider opening an Etsy sweetie, you are really talented! Xxx

  2. oh wow, these are too cute!!
    I agree with sherixfirefly, you should open an etsy shop! I totally want one of me x)

  3. Wow, they are great Sarah, full of lots of character and made so well! Bet your friends loved them! And I think you should definitely make more.

  4. These are amazing!
    You should so open an etsy shop!

  5. Eeeee, these are awesome! :D

  6. oh, I love these! they're so great!



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