Friday, 4 November 2011


Sorry for the lack of Halloween posts I promised, Once again life got in the way of drawing. I do have a lot of spooky sketches to finish so hopefully I will have some drawings to show you next time. But how would you like to see some scary make up instead?

Me putting on my everyday make-up, ho ho!

My lovely dead boy. I'm actually working on a drawing of this.

I wanted to read something in keeping with the scary season so finally got round to reading "Dracula by Bram Stoker". Enjoyed it but was surprised about the amount of gushing the characters did over each other. I could hardly go a sentence without them declaring their platonic love for each other. Van Helsing broken English did get a bit annoying and I expected a lot more Dracula vampire goodness but oh well.

I'm now making my way through "The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Stories by Edgar Allan Poe"

I shall leave you with a few links from past Halloween craft makes and a sketch I've been working on.

Boo cat
Spooky cupcakes


  1. Lookin forward to seein the pic of your fella, it's a cool shot, nice n contrasty!
    I've got Dracula too, haven't got round to reading it yet, I'll be prepared for gushing :p
    Frankie's looking ace too x

  2. You guys look fabulous! :) I hope you had a good Halloween :) Axxx

  3. Fabulous as always! Looking forward to spooky cupcake pics and the finished Frankie! x

  4. thank you guys :D I should of said in the post that the photos were taking by Pete.

  5. That Frankenstein sketch look awesome Sarah, looking forward to seeing it finished :)



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