Saturday, 1 October 2011

Drawing friends

Making the most of a few sleepless night I've been trying to draw a picture of one of my friends, the beautiful Sophie. Check out her art and the amazing accessories here.
I used my ice grey markers, It's hard to get a perfect colour match with the original when scanning it in but this was as close as I could get it. I've ordered a set of 12 tria markers in grey and the brush pen will make the blending at lot easier when moving between the different sections of the face, it's easy to leave marks when using the promarkers but I think I'm improving :)

sophie grey
The scanner has made it look a bit streaky, doesn't look like that in person.

Used the grid method and then traced the image on to marker paper. Why I didn't think of doing that for the cupcakes instead of spending forever trying to rub out the grid, I don't know ;)

Also look what came in the post! oooh they're so pretty

Bye till next time!


  1. Whoa. The effect from the markers is amazing. Very dream-like. I love the monochromatic color palette you have used. It is very unique and eye catching.

  2. you did such a great job, love it!

  3. Thank you both <3

    Shayla, I had a sneaky peak over at your blog. Lovely art work :)



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