Saturday, 17 September 2011

Marker Practice

After watching some amazing time lapse marker drawing videos. You can watch them here! I was inspired to break out my good old marker pens and get doodling.

Drawn on marker paper & glued into my sketchbook.


I tried and failed to do some coloured faces sketches but I didn't have the right shades. Also some shading practice in the circles.

I'm really pleased with how these are coming along and it has awakened my love of markers again. So much so I had a little pen shopping spree! I was in London for a day out this week so I popped over to cowling and wilcox and stocked up on some new shades. There's another set I am still after, plus letraset have brought out a new Ultra-Fine nib that can be attached to the promarkers. As sad as it sounds I'm very excited about that hehe, but will have to order them online because the shop had none in stock.
Here's what I bought though,

Also picked up a letraset marker pad just to see if it was better than the marker paper I already have

That's not all, I won an auction on ebay for 44 Touch Twin marker pens. They are used but I got them for a right bargain. I wanted to see if they were as good as I've heard. To be honest I'm not so sure I like them. I've only tested them out a little bit so far but they dont seem to blend as well as the promarkers. I've give the another play but if I'm not happy I can always sell them on.

touch twins
They do look pretty though right? ;)

I might do a marker pen review youtube video. I know, awful geeky but its one thing I am always looking for and the only ones I find are about Copic markers or Prismacolor. I do own some Prismacolor so I could do a video stating the pro & cons of Promarkers, Prismacolor and Touch Twin. I think some people might find it helpful, what do you all think?

Anyway that's me done for this week, I have lots of pens to go play with now, bye!


  1. Goodness me! These are amazing! I just showed them to my mum, and she agrees! We both like the top two best! You're seriously talented, missus :) Not that I'm surprised by this!! I love promarkers! We've finallly started selling them individually at work, which is good for my supplies box, but bad for my bank balance! haha. I hope you're feeling better and that Pete had a good birthday! Axxx

  2. Love the first one. The bottom eye is so expressive! Awesome marker work and something I have never tried :P

  3. WOW!! *Hides doodles in shame!* THESE are AMAZING!!! I have a few copic and a mammoth promarker collection! I much prefer promarker!

  4. i was never good at using those markers. they were great in college when doing renderings on tracing paper but i just never got them to work for me. maybe i should try them again!

  5. Thank you everyone! I've decided to sell the touch twin markers, I much prefer the promarkers.

    Amy: oooh yay! what price are they selling the singles for? I really must take you to the cowling & wilcox in soho, you would love it there.

    Kittypinkstars: I love your doodles! :P I've never tried copics but I heard touch twins were similar but after using them I found promarkers blended much better.

    Cb: what type of markers did you use? aw you should them another go, maybe you'll get on better if you use them in your own way rather than college rendering :)


  6. Wow those came out great! I look forward to seeing more!

    I've been wanting to experiment with stuff just like this but those prismacolor sets are just so darn expensive!

  7. I love markers! If you do the review I'll love to see it.



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