Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I'm updating a bit early this week as I already have few sketches to show and thought it would be better to break them up over a few posts rather than a mammoth one.

I've been using my new ice grey promarkers I picked up last week for these sketches. I really like the finished results I get with these markers but I've found it is much easier to make mistakes with the ice greys than the cool greys I was using before. Mainly because the colour builds up more quickly and I end up laying down too much of a dark shade.

a couple of heavy made up eyes plus circles showing the five shades of the ice greys. It wasn't until I stuck them in my sketchbook I remembered I have a little thingy-me-bob for cutting perfect circles whoops!

I'm really pleased with these mouths, especially the second one. The open mouth was such a pain to do what with the tongue but I like the gum bit.

You may remember from my last post that I had bought some used Touch Twin markers off ebay. After giving the a bit of a try out I decided they weren't for me. I couldn't get them to blend as easily as promarkers. Maybe I could if I had stuck it out longer but as my promarkers blend so beautifully I didn't see the point, So I've popped them back on ebay. I've won a few used Tria markers that hopefully turn up soon. They are the same brand as promarkers but are the next step up in the price range. I am interested to see if there is much different between the two.

I want to do some coloured drawings but I don't think I'll get good results until I get the fine nib add on as I'm not able to tiny detail with the normal nibs. I have a black fine liner for the grey ones.

Hope you liked the sketches, I've had such lovely comments off people about the last ones :)


  1. Oh wow! These are bloody brilliant!
    That second eye is amazing, love the eyelashes :)

    The second mouth is great too, you really can work wonders with grey markers. You can even make out the blood (I assume)without any colour! Awesomes.

  2. Way to punish that paper with those markers! That is some solidly tight rendering. :D

  3. You ooze so much talent lady :)
    Ben started uni on Monday doing Illustration: Narrative and Sequential, it's the only course they do in the country would you believe!
    Keep up the great work x

  4. These are ace, the second lip is my favorite. You've got a very interesting blog and thanks for the follow.

  5. You are so bloody talented, those eyes are just amazing!!

  6. WOWOWOOW!Girl, you're talented. Like your draws especially how you're drawing the eyes.



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