Sunday, 25 September 2011


As promised some more marker practice drawings. I wanted to try an get a much more realistic look so tried a new method called the grid method. The name is pretty self explanatory, you put a grid over the image you want to draw and then draw a grid on paper and copy the image square by square. It is a laborious way of drawing but it does get good results. I found this great site for teaching Photorealism, It's something I would really like to get good at so be prepared for lots of photorealism attempts in the upcoming posts!

cupcake 2
I wanted to give colour a try, its so much harder than greys but I'm pleased with my first try.

cupcake  3
This was my first go using the grid method, I made it a little big whoops.

The few used Tria pens I won on ebay turned up and I used two of them for the cupcake's case. I didnt think there would be much different between them & promarkers as they are the same brand. I was wrong, the brush pen on the Tria blends like a dream! I was so impressed I ordered a set of 12 on ebay brand new and half the normal price too, bargain :)

Well that's enough pen talk from me, I will leave with a beautiful photograph of Suki taken by the very talented Pete.



  1. Gorgeous! I thought those cupcakes had a Thaneeya McArdle look to them! I studied her at A Level - but photorealism is beyond me! I like sketchy messiness too much!

    They're seriously brilliant though! Am tempted to buy myself some Tria markers… but should probably restrain myself! haha. I hope you're having a lovely weekend sweetie! Axx

  2. ps. That photo of Suki is to die for! :D

  3. I... I want to eat those cupcakes. :P

  4. thank you :) I didn't mean to use such a similar cupcake to Thaneeya McArdle's as my reference photo. I will try to find a more different type next time.

    They are lovely, I cant wait for the new ones to arrive! I still love the promarkers thoughs, I think they work well together.

    eee i know I love the Suki picture so much, I think I might get it printed :D

  5. No, no that first coloured one is beautiful! The icing looks so yummy.

  6. You did an amazing job on these!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you <3

    Cameron: did you buy those pens in the end? :)

  8. You are brilliant with these markers Sarah, not an easy medium to play with either. The cupcakes looks edible :)
    And how beautiful is Suki!



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