Monday, 22 August 2011

London Riots

I'm sorry I've missed a few updates. I am in a bit of a slump lately and unfortunately that seems to drain all creativity out of me. Hopefully I will be back to my old arty self soon enough until then please bare with me.
Also it's been brought to my attention that my blog isn't letting some people comment? If you are having this problem please PM me about it.

As I have no artwork I thought I would show you some of Pete's latest photos. I'm sure all of you will of heard of this months rioting in the UK. One of the most hardest places hit by rioting is the town I live in, Croydon. Although most of the rioting happened on the other side to where I live, it was still a little too close for comfort. We could see the smoke from the burning of Reeves corner store. Film of the store on fire seemed to become the iconic symbol of the riots and was splashed all over the news. Very strange to see your town like that on the news. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loves ones, homes and businesses because of the rioting.

Pete took some photos of the aftermath of the rioting.




More can be seen on his Flickr page

I will leave you on a happier note, this is a page from my very talented friend Amy's art journal.
It really cheered me up seeing this today <3 Check out her other amazing work on here blog>


  1. I don't want to say that Pete's photographs are fantastic, because it doesn't seem right… if you know what I mean… I still can't believe it about Reeves Corner! But they are definitely awe-striking photos! The black and white ones are my favourite, the first one in particular - the symmetry and the smoke blackened windows.. scary, scary stuff.

    aww thankyou for posting that page! I'm glad it made you smile :)


    ps. ohh! Incase you didn't see it - I facebooked you :) I meant to do it yesterday but I was asleep! haha :)

  2. I know just what you mean, the first one is my favourite too. That one got excepted onto the Vogue website as well :)

    I walked down to Reeves corner on sunday. Theres nothing there at all now, So strange!

    aw you're welcome lovely x



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