Monday, 11 July 2011

Art-tastic friends

I have been busy this last week trying to make a dread kit. so I don't have any sketches to show but instead I thought I would post about a few talented people I am lucky to know.
First off I did an art trade with my twitter friend lokijki. My very first art trade! I drew a couple of his characters in my style and he drew me as a monster! Im not entirely happy with how my drawing came out in the editing, my scanner doesn't seem to like promarker greys. Click here to see my drawing.

And here's the awesome drawing he did of me as a monster, isn't it great!

My friend and illustrator Michelle Last has opened an online store. Her Blog is also filled with lovely photographs.

shop open!
Give a visit as her work is beautiful.

Lastly the super talented artist & crafter Sophie Adamson. Lately she has been making the most beautiful gothic fascinator's but be sure to check out other work on deviantart as its all stunning. There is even a couple of drawings of me in there! ;)

Mink Skull Fascinator, Purple by ~Sophie-Adamson on deviantART

I hope to have some artwork of my own to show you next time. If not that at least a finished dread kit, but gosh it does take me forever to make them. I've really felt like sewing but just haven't had the time. So many geeky ideas for plushie's have been popping into my head, I blame Pete for having a Stargate and Star trek telly weekend.

Oh I almost forgot! Theres a new comic site on tumblr called This sums it up best "Comics drawn by people with a story to tell about living with long-term mental and physical illnesses". I'm super pleased that they accepted one of my strips, "Brain zaps" there. A few of you may remember me posting that sometime last year? anyway I hope to do one on living with ME/CFS and Fibro as they effect my life a whole lot more. Really interested to see more from this site.

Thats me done for today but I'll leave on a silly note, here's my Suki "helping" me with a jigsaw puzzle.


  1. Aww thanks huni, love Sophs xxx

  2. I'm so glad you liked mine, and I think yours turned out great. :3

    (I want to retweet but this computer can't seem to get on Twitter. :P)

  3. Eee, I LOVE your drawing with the robot :) You should be a proud lady <3

  4. Sophie: you're welcome lovely <3

    Lokijki: I really loved it yeah :D

    The Cookie Button: aw thank you hun xx



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