Monday, 27 June 2011

Guns, Girls and Zombies!

Happy Monday all, phew it's hot one today! Remember last week I showed you the new art supplies I bought? Well I've been testing out my new pens this week in my sketchbook.
I've been using a hunt 102 crow quill nib dip pen, Pentel's pocket brush pen and Staedtler pigment fineliners. I absolutely love the fineliners and find them much nicer to work with than faber castell's fineliners. I am finding dip & brush pen a lot harder to use but its been really enjoyable learning how. I want to try some different nibs to see what effects I can make, I also really like how the ink is raised slightly from the page. I think I should try using it on some different paper as although my sketchbook paper says its ok for ink, I keep scratching up the surface by mistake. I didnt expect the brush pen to be so inky? hehe sorry it's hard to explain what I mean by that, it really puts the faber castell pitt brush pen to shame.

tank girl
Felt like doing a bit of tank girl fan art. Her style is perfect for the dip & brush pen. I use fineliners too for the sunglasses picture but the rest are dip & brush pens.

The three zombies on the left are all done with the dip pen, I really liked the roughness it gave to them. I like the screaming zombie too as I felt it showed me improving with the brush pen.

gun girls
Left: My first go with the brush pen & its shows! hehe. Right: All done in fineliners, I really like how this one turned out, I think should do a finished version of her.

ink cat
Finally this was my first go with the dip pen. All was going fine untill I decided to colour it with an ink wash. I was using a far too small brush & forgot to get out a palette to water the ink down into, instead was doing it all on the paper. Live and learn!

Thats me done for another week and oh yeah don't forget to enter my blogspot Batman plushie giveaway!

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  1. These are awesome! I love tank girl!

  2. those are all so great! i have using a quill and ink and i just love the line quality! i never used to use them before and now i don't think i will ever use anything else! plus i live feeling old fashion ;D


  3. Your work is just AWESOME! I really love your drawings.. soooo much detail!

  4. Girls and zombies...a winning combination! Great style and I too like the screaming zombie girl especially.



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