Sunday, 5 June 2011

seagulls and sketches

First a big hello to my new followers! Allways makes me happy to get a new follower and having a new blog to watch in return. I'm slowly sneaking up to that 100 mark! Once I get there I will do some kind of giveaway. I'm not sure what exactly, maybe something crocheted or a drawing? what would you want?
I didnt manage to do many sketches this week but I've hunted through some old sketchbooks for you all instead :) Most of them are unfinished as they went wrong along the way but I thought after all the nice comments from my last blog you would enjoy seeing them.

This is a sketch of my lovely friend Vix, please click on her name to see the amazing photography she does.

This one looked alright while I was drawing but then realised my face was off when I held it up., I do like Pete in it though. Drawn in my huge A3 pad.


I am so behind on ambird's 30 day drawing challenge but I will carry on!

Here is No.3 Most Recent Dream, I've been reading a lot of Batman and it makes for the most awesome superhero dreams hehe. As you can see my black faber castell brush pen died while drawing this one, tried and failed to fix it with colour. I cant use my promakers with out them leaking through the next page so its cheapo ones.

Hope you liked them. Now for some totally awesome! In town today I met a couple of giant seagulls and of course had to run over and ask for their photo ;)

I am so excited I can barely stand!

I really have no idea why they were in Croydon today but there was lots of other silly stuff going on too, motorised dust bins and a giant lobster?!
Also I have developed an addiction to Batman. After reading those graphic novels I picked up in the charity shop I fell in love and just want more! "Batman the dark knight returns" was a amazing but really disappointed with "batman the dark knight strikes again". To help feed my addiction I bought these today,

"The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale"
"Arkham Asylum: a serious house on serious earth by Grant Morrison"
"Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee"
"Batman: Under the Hood by by Judd Winick, Doug Mahnke & Paul Lee"

I finsihed reading "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey" great book but I wasnt expecting that ending, just heartbreaking.
Thats me for another week, see you next time with hopefully newer drawings!


  1. haha the seagulls are great! they look like the ones from finding nemo! how strange that they were just out and about! hmm...

    i love the batman sketch! so cute and who doesn't LOVE batman!


  2. lol the seagulls look freaky, I love the first sketch im going to check out Vix photos :D

  3. Those drawings are amazing!! :D

    Those seagulls on the other hand, are terrifying! Haha, what a job that must be…


  4. Thank you for the comments everyone <3

  5. Love those seagulls!
    I want that costume! haha

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