Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Batman Plushie

Sorry I am late updating this week but I had to wait for the sun to finally decide to come out before I could take any photos of my work.
As you may of guessed from the title I have been sewing this past week instead of sketching. I have made not one but three Batman plushies! Why three you may be asking? well I've decided to give one of them away here whooo! I wanted to do another giveaway for when I reach 100 followers, I've only reached 98 so far but what the hell I'll do it early ;) So look out over the coming week for my giveaway post & instructions on how to enter.

Here are the two Batman's I will be keeping as Im rather attached to the little guys.
Here's the first one I made. Its hard to get an idea of scale from the picture, he is a little under 7 inches in hight.

I had to make a blue one!

wip 2
In case you are interested some work in progress pictures :)

First draught, I change the pattern slighty in the body/legs for the other two.

Im pleased with how they turned out and its been a nice change to do a bit of sewing. I might make some superhero or villians as Pete wants me to make "The Riddler" and I wouldnt mind trying to make a "Poison Ivy" and "Harley Quinn".

I want to show you all some more of Pete's Photographs as he has been taking some gorgeous pictures lately. Please check out his Flickr and Deviantart pages.

Overgrown, rain soaked steps

Manhattan (Croydon)


Hope you enjoyed the post and remember to keep watching for the giveaway soon :)


  1. Awesome work Sarah, you just know he has to have a Joker now to fight with :P

  2. My my my!!! What a lovely little blog you have here dahling!!

  3. those are awesome sarah!! so so cool! you are totally amazing!


  4. These are brilliant! and I'm not even a batman fan! haha :) <3

  5. they look awesome! I especially like the blue one!

  6. The plushies are awesome! *big claps*

  7. thank you everyone! :D

    Claire: the blue one is my favourite too x

  8. He looks great & I like seeing your proccess shots too!



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