Monday, 27 June 2011

Guns, Girls and Zombies!

Happy Monday all, phew it's hot one today! Remember last week I showed you the new art supplies I bought? Well I've been testing out my new pens this week in my sketchbook.
I've been using a hunt 102 crow quill nib dip pen, Pentel's pocket brush pen and Staedtler pigment fineliners. I absolutely love the fineliners and find them much nicer to work with than faber castell's fineliners. I am finding dip & brush pen a lot harder to use but its been really enjoyable learning how. I want to try some different nibs to see what effects I can make, I also really like how the ink is raised slightly from the page. I think I should try using it on some different paper as although my sketchbook paper says its ok for ink, I keep scratching up the surface by mistake. I didnt expect the brush pen to be so inky? hehe sorry it's hard to explain what I mean by that, it really puts the faber castell pitt brush pen to shame.

tank girl
Felt like doing a bit of tank girl fan art. Her style is perfect for the dip & brush pen. I use fineliners too for the sunglasses picture but the rest are dip & brush pens.

The three zombies on the left are all done with the dip pen, I really liked the roughness it gave to them. I like the screaming zombie too as I felt it showed me improving with the brush pen.

gun girls
Left: My first go with the brush pen & its shows! hehe. Right: All done in fineliners, I really like how this one turned out, I think should do a finished version of her.

ink cat
Finally this was my first go with the dip pen. All was going fine untill I decided to colour it with an ink wash. I was using a far too small brush & forgot to get out a palette to water the ink down into, instead was doing it all on the paper. Live and learn!

Thats me done for another week and oh yeah don't forget to enter my blogspot Batman plushie giveaway!

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Batman Giveaway

As promised here's my Batman plushie giveaway.

Batman giveaway

Want a chance a winning this caped crusader? well it's easy peasy just follow the intrustions below!

1) Leave me a comment
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I will pick the winner at random out of a hat/bowl on Monday 4th July, Good luck!

I dont have any art work to show you this week sorry but I do have some lovely art supplies!


I've had some money saved for a while now for a big shop from Cowling and Wilcox. Normally I would of ordered online but this weekend I traveled into London with Pete for some rainy day photos of the city and jumped at the chance to visit the shop. It's like a dream come true for me hehe, art supplies everywhere and in the sale! Also popped into Cass Art that had a sale on as well.
My favourite buy of the day was the pentel pocket brush pen that I have meaning to get for some time. As my faber castell pitt brush pen ran out the other week I thought it was time to treat myself.
I bought some inks for my first dip pen, a Hunt Crow Quill 102 & holder that I got from ebay last week. I cant wait to try them all out.

Im working on some paper craft at the moment that Im hoping to turn into my blog background design. I have been wanting to give paper craft a try for some time as I think my illustrations would work well in paper form.

Last but not least I have some good news about Pete's photographs. Three of them have been accepted onto the Vouge website! Image Please take a look and vote for them here. They really are gorgeous photos.
I shall leave you with a picture of me that he took on Saturday.
sarah 4

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Batman Plushie

Sorry I am late updating this week but I had to wait for the sun to finally decide to come out before I could take any photos of my work.
As you may of guessed from the title I have been sewing this past week instead of sketching. I have made not one but three Batman plushies! Why three you may be asking? well I've decided to give one of them away here whooo! I wanted to do another giveaway for when I reach 100 followers, I've only reached 98 so far but what the hell I'll do it early ;) So look out over the coming week for my giveaway post & instructions on how to enter.

Here are the two Batman's I will be keeping as Im rather attached to the little guys.
Here's the first one I made. Its hard to get an idea of scale from the picture, he is a little under 7 inches in hight.

I had to make a blue one!

wip 2
In case you are interested some work in progress pictures :)

First draught, I change the pattern slighty in the body/legs for the other two.

Im pleased with how they turned out and its been a nice change to do a bit of sewing. I might make some superhero or villians as Pete wants me to make "The Riddler" and I wouldnt mind trying to make a "Poison Ivy" and "Harley Quinn".

I want to show you all some more of Pete's Photographs as he has been taking some gorgeous pictures lately. Please check out his Flickr and Deviantart pages.

Overgrown, rain soaked steps

Manhattan (Croydon)


Hope you enjoyed the post and remember to keep watching for the giveaway soon :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

seagulls and sketches

First a big hello to my new followers! Allways makes me happy to get a new follower and having a new blog to watch in return. I'm slowly sneaking up to that 100 mark! Once I get there I will do some kind of giveaway. I'm not sure what exactly, maybe something crocheted or a drawing? what would you want?
I didnt manage to do many sketches this week but I've hunted through some old sketchbooks for you all instead :) Most of them are unfinished as they went wrong along the way but I thought after all the nice comments from my last blog you would enjoy seeing them.

This is a sketch of my lovely friend Vix, please click on her name to see the amazing photography she does.

This one looked alright while I was drawing but then realised my face was off when I held it up., I do like Pete in it though. Drawn in my huge A3 pad.


I am so behind on ambird's 30 day drawing challenge but I will carry on!

Here is No.3 Most Recent Dream, I've been reading a lot of Batman and it makes for the most awesome superhero dreams hehe. As you can see my black faber castell brush pen died while drawing this one, tried and failed to fix it with colour. I cant use my promakers with out them leaking through the next page so its cheapo ones.

Hope you liked them. Now for some totally awesome! In town today I met a couple of giant seagulls and of course had to run over and ask for their photo ;)

I am so excited I can barely stand!

I really have no idea why they were in Croydon today but there was lots of other silly stuff going on too, motorised dust bins and a giant lobster?!
Also I have developed an addiction to Batman. After reading those graphic novels I picked up in the charity shop I fell in love and just want more! "Batman the dark knight returns" was a amazing but really disappointed with "batman the dark knight strikes again". To help feed my addiction I bought these today,

"The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale"
"Arkham Asylum: a serious house on serious earth by Grant Morrison"
"Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee"
"Batman: Under the Hood by by Judd Winick, Doug Mahnke & Paul Lee"

I finsihed reading "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey" great book but I wasnt expecting that ending, just heartbreaking.
Thats me for another week, see you next time with hopefully newer drawings!


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