Friday, 21 January 2011

More Science...and a cow suit of course!

I know its unlikely you all share in my level of giddiness about having more science documentaires to watch but you might still be interested.

Beautiful Equations As if in almost answer to my last post about wanting to incorporate science with art, this documentary looks into what sciencist & mathematicians mean when they say an equation are beautiful.

The Search for Life: The Drake Equation The Drake Equation is the equation used to estimate the number of likely extraterrestrial intelligent life out there...aliens! :D I personally believe that it's very likely that there is some sort of other life in the universe, but I doubt we will ever make contact because of far away they would be, plus all the other problems. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about UFO & abductions theories.

The Brain: A Secret History - 3. Broken Brains As I posted in my last entry, this is the final episode. Just as brilliant as the first two, I really recommend you watch them. In this episode Dr Michael Mosley looks into what strange behaviour can occur when theres been damage to the brain. Example, a lady who is attack by her own hand that she has no control over.

On a similar subject you may remember last year I read a book called, "The man who mistook his wife for a hat - Oliver Sacks". It also looks into other freaky brain behaviour so if you enjoyed the documentary I recommend this book.

And finally The Planets They seem to be adding a new episode each day, so far there is three of them. They are a little slow placed but nice all the same.

I really hope this trend of science documentaries keeps up but what with talk of cuts the BBC I cant help but think not.
Just so It's not all science I shall leave you with a picture that I plan to draw a comic illustration around. I picked this up while out shopping with the lovely Amy. Lets just say she didnt have to twist my arm into buying it! hehe. please check out her blog as it is full of beautiful art & craft work.

Yeah I know, I'm just that cool ;)


  1. Sarah! I may not have a science brain, but I do love your cowsuit, and your new blog design!


  2. Thanks for the links to The Brain: A Secret History. Been watching them last night, stuff like that really interests me. :) x

  3. Yay for the cow kigurumi! It looks awesome on :D

  4. That cow suit is awesome!
    You should make them your pjammies haha...
    I wore a Slyvester the cat suit for a party but that is pretty funky ;]

  5. thank you all! they are meant to be pj's but i hate sleeping with anything on my feet, so it's for cow dress up time instead ;)

    Sammi, glad you enjoyed the doc :)

  6. Hiya! Just to let you know, I've changed my URL to

    I've noticed that a lot of my readers can't read my blog anymore so please update any links. You may have to subscribe again via RSS/Google Friend Connect/Newsletter. Sorry about this, I definitely won't be changing my URL again. xD

    Thanks, Sammi x



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