Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!


Hope you all have a nice new years eve/day. So have you all come up with some resolutions? normally I dont bother but this year I have come upwith loads!

1. Learn German. I have been wanting to learn German for years and I think its about time I gave it ago. I was actually born in Germany because of my dad be posted out there in the army, but my family moved back to England while I was still a baby. I have already learn how to count to ten *proud face* hehe but my pronunciation is awful. So be prepared for some video posts in the coming months.

2. Draw more! This past year I have really got back into my drawing but I want to keep it up and try to improve more. This blog is helpful for me to see how i've progressed and what I need to work on.

3. Read more! I always have my head in a book these days but I have massive pile of books to read + a huge amazon wish list, so i better get busy!

4. Get crafty I really must learn to use one of the two sewing machines I own. Also I want to learn to cross stitch.

Not a resolution but more of a wish. There's always the thought of maybe this year, will be the year will get better knocking round the back of my mind when it comes to new year. But without wanting to sound too pessimistic, I've been sick since I was 16 and I turn 25 this year and my ME and other illness have only got worse. So yeah its unlikely but I do think I've become more positive in dealing with it all this past year and I'm, sure thats down to all the arty and crafty things I have been doing :)

I am also meant to be planning a wedding this year but i dont even want to think about that, eeek stress! hehe.


  1. Happy New Year! Your resolutions sound awesome :) Draw more, Read more and Get crafty - definitely a good ethos for life! Hope you have a fun bank holiday weekend! Axx

    ps. if you're not busy, we should totally meet up soon!

  2. Hope you had a great new year!
    Thats awesome you should learn German. Im learning Japanese; Rosetta Stone is a great way to learn, be sure to check it out as its a great place to start. :]

  3. happy new year sweetie! i too want to draw more! got a new sketch book and already started! cheers to a great 2011!


  4. There are lots of good free podcasts on itunes that will help you learn German.
    Happy New Year xx

  5. I LOVE your little kitty rubbing on the leg- adorable!

    (i'm a totaly sucker for kitties!)

  6. Courtney, yay for being a sucker for kitties, all the best people are ;)

    fluffyghost & Gem thanks for the German learning site ideas, I've been It seem pretty good for beginner stuff.

    Amy, yep soon as im back on my feet i would love to hang out with you :)

  7. This is a bit late but happy new year to you too!
    I can't wait to see how learning German goes for you.. I learnt whilst at school and really enjoyed it! You should post a video or something when you have learnt quite a bit :)



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