Monday, 29 November 2010

Yummy gingerbred men!


My gingerbread men are all finished and ready to be popped on the tree or given to special people. although I have to admit I do like where I've hung them for this photo. I had a real problem with the paint and almost wish I had just sewn the white icing details on now. I thought the paint would be like some I've used in the past that gets more puffy as it dries. This paint however did not and I had to reapply it more thickly for the effect I wanted. Couldn't resist using the glitter felt I picked up back in Poole. So they are a mix of green or red glitter backs corresponding to their buttons.


sorry about the poor photo, I think my camera is on its last legs. It doesn't like to focus and has now started turning its self off :(
If I get time I will make some more decorations, snowmen and maybe Christmas trees but right now I need to carry on with sewing my friends Christmas present.

I'll leave you with a picture of my gorgeous Suki looking very snug and sleepy in my unmade bed. I think she has right idea, its far too cold to be up and about today!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your cat is utterly gorgeous! (ps. you're gingerbread men are fabulous!)

  2. eee thanks Amy, i'm very proud of my kitty <3 hehe.

    Would you still like to do the swap? :)

  3. Your gingerbread men are SO cute! :3
    Aww your kitty looks super soft & happy ^_^

  4. oh my suki is beautiful! i have a tortie too but she is so darn small! i hope she gets bigger!


  5. Thanks guys! CB: she looks a lot larger in the photo than she really is, plus her fur is a bit puffed up from the cold....still rather big though hehe xx

  6. Eeee, these are too adorable for words!

  7. My gingerbread men would look nothing like these :-) These look eatable :-) x x x

  8. hi sarah love your gingerbread men i will have to try crocheting these Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment i love all comments it makes blogging worthwhile

  9. thanks everyone :)

    Soggibottom: hehe, I don't think they would taste too good though! ;)

    Joan: you're welcome ^_^ I crocheted some last year using a pattern from that was very cute.



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