Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jeff the spook monster

I know, I know its a little late now for this but I did make Jeff in time for Halloween, But being me I never got round to posting it. Sorry once more for the lack of updates, again down to being poorly.

Found this spooky little critter scurrying around that flat on halloween. He goes by the name of Jeff....yes Pete named him ;)

Im pleased with how he turned out even though the spiderweb fabric was such a pain to work with. It kept fraying and in the end i had to glue it onto some orange felt, but I think that worked out best for the making of the wings.
My friend liked him so much that I am making her a special spooky critter of her own for christmas. I am just waiting for the fabric to arrive.

Talking of christmas, I havent done any crimbo themed crafts yet. I really dont know if I will this year as I have so much else to make. I also have lots of craft projects in mind that will have to wait to the new year.
Watching Kirstie's homemade home always puts me in a crafting mood :)

I have been doing a lot of reading though! "schrodinger's kittens and the Search for Reality by John Gribbin" I really loved this book. It goes over a lot of what I have already read on quantum physics but uses such good analogies to describe theories that made it a very enjoyable read. "Talking with serial killers by Christopher Berry-Dee" Pete bought it me to cheer me up while poorly in bed, I have rather morbid intrests hehe. I enjoyed it but theres something about the way the author wrote that I didnt like. I cant really put my finger on it, but maybe because it was too sensational and use of words like "evil" and "monster" all the time got annoying. Also there wasnt much talking with the serial killers?! I want to read more on criminal profiling, neurological and the mental health of what makes a serial killer.
And at the moment I am reading "Das Reich:The March of the 2nd Panzer Division Through France, 1944 by Max Hastings"

Im going for a famaily home visit new week for my dads 50th so I doubt I will get much arty stuff for while, but i will leave you with another picture of my monsters!

best of friends


  1. These are so awesome!!!!

  2. They are seriously cute! I haven't seen any of Kirstie's Handmade Home, I'll have to catch up with it! But yess, I'm definitely up for a swap! :) Axxx

  3. thank you :D I liked her first series best but this one is still good, she also did a xmas special that might be on 4OD still.

    yay! I'll have to get making something then hehe xx

  4. Wow! I love it's bum :3

    I want one !!!

  5. Haha, they're so cute!


  6. Tehe, I love these little guys so much! Super job :)

  7. Aww, I love the picture of the two of them together! SO CUTE! ^-^

  8. ahaha, they're way cute!! very very cute.

  9. oh gosh how I love these teethy monsters!!!!!
    I want them!!!!!!!



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