Saturday, 27 November 2010

Crafty goodness

Back from visiting my family loaded with lots of craft goodies! Poole has much better craft shops than croydon.

I got some blue and red fleece from the "cut offs" bin in fabricland for £1.30 each! I do love a bargin. also picked up some glitter felt that was only 35p a sheet, its £1.25 a sheet at hobbycraft!


As i dont have any finished work to show you, heres some christmas decorations in the making. I think I might try out some puffy paint for the icing on the gingerbread men.

Right I better get sewing!


  1. OOOO glad I found you! Love your blog. :) The puffy paint would look great on those gingerbread men, I think. I love Jeff too.

  2. There so cute! I decorated a bit today, just couldn't hold out any longer lmao! Shall do a post on it soon.
    Thats weird i was looking for jobs yesterday and came across some in Croydon. Interesting fact...You live 45 miles away from me :O haha. xx

  3. Tam Hess: Hello! aw thank you <3 I always love meeting new arty people!

    fluffyghost: hehe I'm being good and waiting to at least the 1st dec ;) looking forward to seeing your decs. ooh where abouts are you from then? xx

  4. Aw thanks! I just got to excited as all my decorations were on my dinning room table, so i just could'nt help myself really haha!
    I live in Farnham at the moment ^____^!



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