Sunday, 31 October 2010

This is Halloween

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Ghost cupcakes!

These are my second attempt at making some halloween crochet cupcakes, the first batch came out wrong :/ im much happier with these ones. I am middle of making the Halloween crumblin, i was hoping to get it finished for tomorrow but im still super weary.

A chance to show off my spooky toys :D
my first batch on halloween cupcakes bleh. Hello Kitty's pumpkin suit rules though! :D

I finished reading hannibal, i didnt know it had a different ending to the film version. I dont really like how it ended in the book. Anyone else read it? what are your thoughts?
Im now reading "Marilyn Manson -The Long Hard Road Out of Hell" takes me back to my mini mosher days hehe.

Hope you all have a super spooky day tomorrow!


  1. they are awesome! love all your hallloween ish stuff in the flat!
    + that first batch that your bleh look awesome!

  2. thanks hun! my halloweeny toys are always about somewhere in the flat but its nice to have them on display all together :)

    i think they're alrigth from a distant but i have to glue the faces on & i got hot glue everywhere lol


  3. I love your decorations, their so cute!
    I really want one of your cupcakes ^___^.

    Just so kawaii! Love them...Awesome work! x

  4. I love your ghost cupcakes! Super kawaii! ^-^

    I also like your Hello Kitty in the pumpkin suit! So funny!



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