Monday, 25 October 2010

I suck :P

Sorry for the lack of updates again, ive been busy will appointments & being ill blurg!
I have been working of Halloween cupcakes but they did not turn out at all how i wanted. I'm hoping to give them another go with adding some spooky confetti for sprinkles. I will take pictures of my first batch but i keep forgetting to do while the light is right, gloomy flat!

I have just ordered some black faux fur & orange spider web frabic that i am going to turn into a Halloween version of a Crumblin :D I will have to get ordering fabric for christmas presents soon as well.
As i have nothing crafty to show you, here is my awesome new jumper!

I need to get a cheesy christmas jumper now!

As for reading i am in the middle of two books, "Dynamic of Destruction: Culture and Mass Killing in the First World War Making of the Modern World-Alan Kramer" and "Hannibal-Thomas Harris"


  1. That jumper is AWESOME! Hope you are feeling better!!

  2. Eep! Hope you feel better soon! I love your jumper! If you ever find cheesy jumpers, let me know, as I am DESPERATE for one! ;)

    Have a lovely day! Axx

  3. I want your jumper! Looks super comfy & cute :D

    Hope your feeling better too!

  4. your jumper rules! hope you're feeling better :)

  5. Ugh! How cute are you! I love your huge heart sweater / jumper.

  6. Thanks for the jumper love and get well wishes everyone :D im still feeling a bit pants but i think its due to my ME flaring up *grumbles*

    Amy: got this one from h&m so im hoping they will have xmas ones too! i'll keep you posted ;)

    Courtney: hehe thanks! i had a sneaky peak at your blog, very cool stuff :D

  7. haha i love your jumper :'D!!
    how cute ♥ isn't it?

    ♥ from germany!

  8. That is a cute jumper. It looks like a big amigurumi heart! :P

  9. You are so cute! and i love that shirt!!!

  10. I know how you must feel then, my mum had M.E xx



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