Friday, 3 September 2010

yoga and not much else

Trying to be healthy by using my wii board but i need to be careful when it comes to exercise with my illnesses otherwise my body says "nooooooooo!" and i end up bed bound & grumpy!

I was hoping to have more things to show you but my brain isnt in gear this week. I am having real trouble coming up with a pattern for Pete's birthday plushie :( i havent long either as its on the 13th.
Lots of illustration ideas floating around my head, hopefully i'll get a few of them down on paper over the coming weeks.

Prefer livejournal? follow me there, Quack! :D


  1. Wii Fit is a vicious little beast!!!

  2. I have a wii fit but am too lazy to take it out the box!

  3. hehe well at least mine is out of the box ;)



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