Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pete and the Tapir


I decided to a coloured version of the picture I drew for Petes birthday minus the banner. I always enjoy using my markers, I find colouring so relaxing :) added the background colour after as it all was a bit grey.

Still not got back into crocheting, I dont have the pastel yarn colours I want to finish my new cupcake designs.

Ps. Cupcake giveaway ends this Thursday!
Click here to enter giveaway!!


  1. I love it!! I also think Tapirs are such a cute, under-appreciated animal, so super happy to see some tapir love happening!!

  2. I cant wait for the giveaway results... eeeee

  3. natalie: yay for another tapir lover! they are so cute arnt they :) i have some more tapir drawings on the way too.

    Sherixfirefly: i think you should check my latest post ;) x

  4. damn i missed a giveaway! those mini cupcakes are quite amazing! Love the drawing - your marker using skills are incredible!

  5. aw thankies hun, i think im definitely improving with the markers :) Also you can have a cupcake for xmas :P



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