Monday, 6 September 2010

Headache of Doom


This crappy sketch sums up how I feel and have felt for the last few days thanks to a sinus headache that refuses to go away!
Concentrating on drawing or crafting is proving hard, annoying as theres lot of things i want to do.

Also the toy stuffing I ordered for making petes present has not arrived. Not that I've come up with a working pattern yet. I tried today to make a mini test version but I couldnt get it right, im not really sure what do about it. Maybe leave the plushie for christmas so i can have more time to come up with a pattern and quickly make something else for him?

On a happier note i found two books for a pound each in a local charity shop :)
Both from the Penguin Great Ideas collection, "The Communist Manifesto-Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels" and "The Social Contract-Jean-Jacques Rousseau" Im reading the first but to be honest I've found the wording a little hard to understand, i think i need to read one of those idiots guides on it hehe.

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  1. Ack, I had a headache all day Monday and part of Sunday... it was AWFUL. I feel your pain...

    ... and yay for new books!!! I've gone book crazy over here!

  2. horrible things *hugs* oooh what books have you been reading? xx

  3. Oh darling, i hope you feel better soon!



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