Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dr Who?

Another small update im afraid. The stray cat I mentioned in the last post, sadly had to be put to sleep. So yeah this week has been rather sucky but i have a couple of drawings to show ya all.

Done for my friend Chris who is a big Dr Who fan :D he was really chuffed with it.

and this one was done for a friends bf, after she saw the one done for Chris.

Im not a fan of Dr Who this is the first fan art I've done of it, not too shabby for my first go i guess.
Two new books, "Hitler's Henchmen-Guido Knopp" same author as the SS book i just read. Really enjoyed it if thats the right thing to say about a book on such awfulness. I also got "Escape and evasion-Ian dear" it's about POW breakouts in WWII.

Ps. Cupcake giveaway ends this Thursday!
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  1. Aww I love the little k9! I'm such a big doctor who nerd myself c:

  2. :( i'm so sorry to hear about the poor kitty honey xx


    I love these drawings!!

    Sorry about the kitty though :(

  4. Not a great fan of the newer Dr. Who's ...but loved the early ones!! Your fan art is cool!
    Keeping my fingers crossed I'll win your cupcake for my grand daughter! ...

  5. Thank you all find the kind words on the kitty <3
    and yay im glad you all liked the fan art ^_^

    Bettina Groh: good luck in the giveaway, how old is your grandaughter? :)



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