Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bunchie and the Birthday Pete


So my secret project for Pete's birthday was a Bunchie plushie! Im very pleased to say he liked his present :D In fact he was crying with laughter apon opening it hehe, well at least he was surprised!
I hand sewed all of that bad boy and it was only just finished in time because of the toy filling not turning up. Luckily for me the crappy haberdashery in town had a single bag left and i used all of it to fill him.

bunchie1 bunchie2
Bunchie is a llama like creature thats normally seen in a running gif.

I also did a drawing of him riding a Tapir :D

In other news I have finally turned into my Dad ;) I got myself a copy of "The SS: A Warning from History-Guido Knopp" theres no hope for me now hehe. Backstory for thoses who dont know but my dad is ex army and very much into war history. A lot of my childhood was spent walking round army museums and wet muddy fields seeing army shows.

Over the last couple of weeks i've had a lot of new follows, eeee yay! So if/when i reach the big number 50 I will do a blog give away as a thank you. I think It'll be a mini cupcake but i'll do post all about it when the times comes.

Thats all from me and Bunchie for today


  1. BUNCHIE !!!!! OMG !!!!!!! He is the cutest ever ever ever !!!!!!!

  2. Bunchie is hilarious, and I love the illustration!

    ... and you're just one away from 50!!!!

  3. hehe thanks guys! eee Heather, i know i'm really surprised i have that many followers :D

  4. I am a huge fan of this plush version you have made of this dude. AWESOME!!!

  5. I love the face on your plushie!

  6. That is a ******* Awesome pillow!
    Snap on the strawberry Hello Kitty one to, i have that :]

    Ill have to do a post on my obsession on pillows. Thanks for the inspiration! x

  7. thanks fluffyghost! i love my hello kitty strawberry one :D looking forward to a pillowy post from you! xx

  8. oh gosh this is so cute you should sell one on amazon or eBay i would so BUY ONE <:



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