Tuesday, 7 September 2010

3rd Place!!

Crumblin came 3rd in the monster contest in simply plush group on deviantart :D
Suki is helping Crumblin celebrate

And another one because my cat is beautiful :)

I am really pleased as I didnt expect to win at all. I definitely will be entering more contests from now on hehe.

I finished reading "The Communist Manifesto-Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels" last night. I really didnt think Karl Marx would be so flamboyant and even poetic at times. I was expecting something more straight to the point and bold. I would like to read more of his work. Also reminded me that i wanted to read up on the french revolution. Comedian Mark Steels book's are on my next to buy list, i highly reccomend his tv & radio Lectures.


  1. Oooh, congrats!! I always figured Marx was a bit poetic... since you always find rather flowing and lovely quotes from him XD

    I'm currently reading Spy Glass... the last of the Maria V. Snyder books set in Ixia/Sitia

    Not historical, lol... because I can never decide what to pick that wouldn't be crud when I step into either just the flat out history, or historical fiction section.

    I did read The Historian and LOVED it though.

  2. Your cat is gorgeous and the monster is so cute! Congrats. :)

  3. congrats! that is so awesome! (as was your entry!)

  4. Greetings from emerald land. Sarah.
    I am so glad your little monster has won an award at Deviant Art ... congratulations .... :)

    coffee for the road.
    I love the cats. :)

  5. Eee, you should definetly sell these, i would buy that cutie for sure!

  6. Thanks everyone <3

    Heather: yeah your right about his quotes, it should of dawned on me really hehe.
    oh "The Historian" looks good, i'll add it to me amazon wish list :)

    Sherixfirefly: thanks hun im definetly giving selling a serious thought :)

  7. so awesome! hot peeenkk! maybe you should sell those on etsy :)

    and kitty is adorbable!

  8. Well done! He is so adorable xx

  9. Yasmine: thanks hun, she's the little tyke that had me up commenting on your blog at 6:00am today hehe

    Manadh: thankies and yay for you being on blogspot :D

  10. hey hey sarah! it's nice to find another pink-hair girl around here =P
    love your blog !! =)

  11. congrats =D
    I find marx interesting, my lecturer at uni is a raging marxist so i ended up reading it aha x

  12. congrats on your award! hes cute! and theres a charles dickens book-a tale of two cities -its about the french revolution-its one of my favorite books. if you havent read it you should!

  13. Hay: hello, not pink anymore but as i change my hair so often i doubt it'll be long till im pink again hehe.

    Cherry: thanks i'll add it to me wish list, i've not read any of charles dickens before :)



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