Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pete and the Tapir


I decided to a coloured version of the picture I drew for Petes birthday minus the banner. I always enjoy using my markers, I find colouring so relaxing :) added the background colour after as it all was a bit grey.

Still not got back into crocheting, I dont have the pastel yarn colours I want to finish my new cupcake designs.

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dr Who?

Another small update im afraid. The stray cat I mentioned in the last post, sadly had to be put to sleep. So yeah this week has been rather sucky but i have a couple of drawings to show ya all.

Done for my friend Chris who is a big Dr Who fan :D he was really chuffed with it.

and this one was done for a friends bf, after she saw the one done for Chris.

Im not a fan of Dr Who this is the first fan art I've done of it, not too shabby for my first go i guess.
Two new books, "Hitler's Henchmen-Guido Knopp" same author as the SS book i just read. Really enjoyed it if thats the right thing to say about a book on such awfulness. I also got "Escape and evasion-Ian dear" it's about POW breakouts in WWII.

Ps. Cupcake giveaway ends this Thursday!
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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sneaky Peak

This was going to be a larger post showing off my new mini cupcakes but a kitty emergency has come up, so this sneaky peak picture will have to tide you over for now.

More detail entry to come once my little visitor (stray kitty) is all sorted! In the meantime if you're on blogspot remember to enter my cupcake giveaway!
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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mini Cupcake Giveaway!

Yay I reached 50 followers!! eeee thank you all so much! so to celebrate Im running a little giveway...


Want a chance at winning this yummy mini blueberry cupcake? well do ya? ;) yay! all you have to do is,

1) Leave me a comment
2) Repost this to your blog or twitter (leave me the link in your comment please)

Only followers can enter. So whoop getting entering! I will pick the winner at random out of a hat/bowl on Thursday 30th September, Good luck!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bunchie and the Birthday Pete


So my secret project for Pete's birthday was a Bunchie plushie! Im very pleased to say he liked his present :D In fact he was crying with laughter apon opening it hehe, well at least he was surprised!
I hand sewed all of that bad boy and it was only just finished in time because of the toy filling not turning up. Luckily for me the crappy haberdashery in town had a single bag left and i used all of it to fill him.

bunchie1 bunchie2
Bunchie is a llama like creature thats normally seen in a running gif.

I also did a drawing of him riding a Tapir :D

In other news I have finally turned into my Dad ;) I got myself a copy of "The SS: A Warning from History-Guido Knopp" theres no hope for me now hehe. Backstory for thoses who dont know but my dad is ex army and very much into war history. A lot of my childhood was spent walking round army museums and wet muddy fields seeing army shows.

Over the last couple of weeks i've had a lot of new follows, eeee yay! So if/when i reach the big number 50 I will do a blog give away as a thank you. I think It'll be a mini cupcake but i'll do post all about it when the times comes.

Thats all from me and Bunchie for today

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

3rd Place!!

Crumblin came 3rd in the monster contest in simply plush group on deviantart :D
Suki is helping Crumblin celebrate

And another one because my cat is beautiful :)

I am really pleased as I didnt expect to win at all. I definitely will be entering more contests from now on hehe.

I finished reading "The Communist Manifesto-Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels" last night. I really didnt think Karl Marx would be so flamboyant and even poetic at times. I was expecting something more straight to the point and bold. I would like to read more of his work. Also reminded me that i wanted to read up on the french revolution. Comedian Mark Steels book's are on my next to buy list, i highly reccomend his tv & radio Lectures.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Headache of Doom


This crappy sketch sums up how I feel and have felt for the last few days thanks to a sinus headache that refuses to go away!
Concentrating on drawing or crafting is proving hard, annoying as theres lot of things i want to do.

Also the toy stuffing I ordered for making petes present has not arrived. Not that I've come up with a working pattern yet. I tried today to make a mini test version but I couldnt get it right, im not really sure what do about it. Maybe leave the plushie for christmas so i can have more time to come up with a pattern and quickly make something else for him?

On a happier note i found two books for a pound each in a local charity shop :)
Both from the Penguin Great Ideas collection, "The Communist Manifesto-Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels" and "The Social Contract-Jean-Jacques Rousseau" Im reading the first but to be honest I've found the wording a little hard to understand, i think i need to read one of those idiots guides on it hehe.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

yoga and not much else

Trying to be healthy by using my wii board but i need to be careful when it comes to exercise with my illnesses otherwise my body says "nooooooooo!" and i end up bed bound & grumpy!

I was hoping to have more things to show you but my brain isnt in gear this week. I am having real trouble coming up with a pattern for Pete's birthday plushie :( i havent long either as its on the 13th.
Lots of illustration ideas floating around my head, hopefully i'll get a few of them down on paper over the coming weeks.

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