Sunday, 1 August 2010

wee & friends

Oops a bit slack on updating, i've been busy but still managed to dosome drawings :D
I met up with Kate & Vix on friday for a much needed afternoon of cute fun :)
My friend Vix said i'll be "weeing for Britain!" after all the water I've been drinking to help ease cystitis. This is what came into my head :D yeah im No.1!

ok sorry for the too much info! Im still not feeling well as i think the antibotics for cystits are making me sick, its hard to tell though as it may just be the m.e. So i havent been able to go to hobbycraft yet *cries* im really in the mood for plushie making too. I've been thinking i might do a blog giving away at some point,once ive made something of course :D


  1. I love love love your drawings, especially the first <3

  2. hahaha how funny (the wee one!) very good drawings! x

  3. Awesome drawings! I wish I could draw like that!

  4. hay your drawings are cute missy x



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