Thursday, 5 August 2010

mini cupcake

mini cupcake! half the size of my normal crochet cupcakes at just 2inches tall :)
And for size comparison stood next to my normal size cupcakes.
Its been nice to do a bit of crocheting, although one of my fingers is already badly swollen :( Im just putting the finishing touches to a mini lilac cupcake.I think the pattern i've done now could do with a tweaking, a rounder base perhaps. I want to make a little collection of pastel cupcakes and maybe try and do a little display box for them.
I did try last night to make a even smaller one but it just wasnt working, crochet rage!


  1. I love your little cupcakes! I have no talent in crochet at all!!!!

  2. these are super cute, ahh i love them :3 x

  3. Oh wow! These are adorable :)

  4. aww thanks everyone, glad you like them :D

  5. that is so tiny! Love it!
    There is something about crochet... it makes my hands hurt too! Although mine haven't quite swollen :( sounds awful!

  6. They look so squishy and cute! Makes me wanna press them... gently. Hehe.


  7. These are so cute! Would make fantastic pin cushions. =)

  8. Claire: i think the swelling is my fibro overreacting to it. I have seen people hold the hooks like a pencil but for the life of me i can not crochet that way hehe.

    Mavy: hehe they are indeed squishy! theres a little bit rice in the bottom to weigh it down, makes it feel more fun too ;)

    This Girl's Life: thankies! i sometime use them as a makeshift pin cushion when i cant find my normal one.



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