Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Unicorn of Wonder

I visited Reading for the first time on Sunday to see one of my best friends Vix & her bf Gaz. He is an amazing artist and does oil painting that i will have to show you all at some point :)
Vix and her unicorn of wonder

Hopefully you recognize her from these pictures:
V&G friends

Picked up two massive books (serious why do they make hard backs so big?!) from the selling table in the library.
Superstrings and the Search for the Theory of Everything-F. David Peat and What remains to be discovered-John Maddox i'll let you know what i think of them if i dont break my arms trying to lift them ;)

Friday, 20 August 2010


Sorry again for lack of updates and commenting again due to not being so well these last couple of weeks. I hope this makes of up it though, Meet my Crumblin crumb monster!

If you find crumbs in the bed it might just be the Crumblin paid you a visit ;)


He is my entry for the monster contest in simply plush group on deviantart.
I've never made anything like this before so it was bit hit and miss thinking up a pattern, but im pleased how he turned out. It was good to finally put a use to my fluorescent pink fur that i've had sitting around for years. sewing fur was a bit tricky to begin with as some of it was caught up in the seams but i'll know better for next time.
notice the lovely polka dot felt? yeah i got to hobbycraft at last and that was part of my hoard hehe.
making this has really wetted my appetite for making more monsters or bigger plushies. I aready have planned what im making for Petes birthday next month but you'll have to wait and see to find out what it is.

what else? been reading a lot still, this months books were,
"Human Brain a Guided Tour-Susan Greenfield" really enjoyed it and would like to read more on the subject.
"Cloud Atlas: A Novel-David Mitchell" I did not like this book at all, shame as i had heard such good things. first off its not a novel, its 6 short stories put together in annoyingly gimmicky way that felt more like he was just showing off his literary skills with different writing styles. The stories themselves didnt capture me and parts felt like they were taken straight from 1984! can you tell im grumpy for having read through all those pages? ;) (sorry if you like the book)
"The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory-Brian Greene" is what i am reading at the moment and absolutely loving it so far. He's going into much better detail in explaining theories than i've found in other books on the same sugject.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

mini cupcake

mini cupcake! half the size of my normal crochet cupcakes at just 2inches tall :)
And for size comparison stood next to my normal size cupcakes.
Its been nice to do a bit of crocheting, although one of my fingers is already badly swollen :( Im just putting the finishing touches to a mini lilac cupcake.I think the pattern i've done now could do with a tweaking, a rounder base perhaps. I want to make a little collection of pastel cupcakes and maybe try and do a little display box for them.
I did try last night to make a even smaller one but it just wasnt working, crochet rage!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A present for my friend Vix and her bf Gaz, seriously how cool do they look?! hehe.
Im pleased with how this one came out and want to try a coloured version at some point but i think in markers rather than digital.

Feel like Im in a bit of an crafty art block, though to be fair i havent been well enough to make anything. Theres so many things that keep popping into my head that i want to try, but i cant decided on anything. I hoping i'll be more focused after going to hobbycraft & restocking my felt.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

wee & friends

Oops a bit slack on updating, i've been busy but still managed to dosome drawings :D
I met up with Kate & Vix on friday for a much needed afternoon of cute fun :)
My friend Vix said i'll be "weeing for Britain!" after all the water I've been drinking to help ease cystitis. This is what came into my head :D yeah im No.1!

ok sorry for the too much info! Im still not feeling well as i think the antibotics for cystits are making me sick, its hard to tell though as it may just be the m.e. So i havent been able to go to hobbycraft yet *cries* im really in the mood for plushie making too. I've been thinking i might do a blog giving away at some point,once ive made something of course :D


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