Sunday, 4 July 2010

stitch yourself

Last wednesday was the stitch yourself exhibit at the Science museum as part of their Lates night. Shame it was only for one night but there is talk on stitch london about them being shown in other places. So many cute dolls!

Picture 004
so excited to see my doll at the front :D
to my livejournal for more picture

I bought a couple of new books,"When the comics went to war-Adam Riches" its full of gorgeous illustrations from comics of yesteryear. Although i dont really enjoy reading war comics i do love that 40s style artwork.
Second book was "Brief History of Infinity-Brian Clegg" looking forward to reading it but im sure the maths will boggle my mind!


  1. ouu wow look at all those dolls! x
    p.s.your hair looks awesome!

  2. andd congrats at your doll being all at the front =D

  3. Hello! Your blog is so cute, as are your drawings :3

  4. Cute doll : )

  5. thanks guys :D

    Rai: feel the same about your blog :)

  6. Hi SaraH! ...
    your toy is You!!!!!!!! wonderful... I liked! :)

    saludos desde las tierras esmeralda! :)

    and conment my comicblog! please! :)



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