Monday, 19 July 2010


Present for Pete's sister & husband anniversary, she loves beauty & the beast :)
you cant really see in the scan but all of the gold lines are drawn with gold glitter.
Coloured with promakers and cleaned up on the computer, then more details added in pen afterwards.

Sorry about that lact of posts & comments, things have been hectic. Pete is on holiday too so there hasnt been much time for drawing.

my books came whoo! plus i've found some goodies in secondhand book shops in Brighton, why cant croydon have any?!
The physics of star trek - Lawrence M. Krauss (yeah shut up ;P)
The elegant universe - Brain Greene
Schrodingers kittens - John Gribbin
Extraordinary people - Darold A. Treffect
The human brain - Susan Greenfield
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
For whom the bell tolls - Hemingway
Fiesta:the sun also rises - Hemingway

that should keep me busy for a while :D

ps. Hello to the new people who are following my blog! yay


  1. Love it. :) Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney films. <3

  2. Hi Sara.
    It gives me a very big surprise to see your comment in Comicblog! ...
    and wonderwoman is my favorite ...
    hugs from emerald land. :)
    UN abrazo desde las tierras esmeralda... :)



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