Thursday, 10 June 2010

sketch dump :D

didnt sleep last night and cant sleep now, urgh stress in a pain grr. but at least i got some drawing done, lots of cute animals aww ;)
Heres the red panda that cuppykate & you_were_almost_right on my blogspot asked for. Im not happy with it but i think thats because its just lineart and would be better coloured in.

Froggies requested by suki_stardust. I didnt know what type of frogs to draw so theres a bit of a mix. I did try to draw a Axolotl but it came out awful lol.

A baby elephant requested by vintagemousing. I saw the cutest picture of an baby elephant playing with a huge toy, it had to be drawn! I want to try my hand at watercolouring this one.

And finally Pete asked for a baby rhino <3


  1. the baby elephant and the baby rhino are perfect! there's just so cute <3

    and yeah i'm drawing at night those days too... maybe just because it's so good to be alone in the silence

  2. thank you :D

    yeah it does have some benefits! my mind always seems to be more active at night too.

  3. these animal ones are so cute! the facial expressions are just right!
    p.s you should totally do a giraffe too!

  4. thanks Claire :D i did a silly giraffe a little while ago but i think i'll do a new one to show. i do like giraffes :D



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