Monday, 14 June 2010


I finally got some marker paper and to test it out I did a coloured version of the couple picture. Well it did bleed a lot less but i dont like how the paper itself looks, all thin and almost see-through. I know a lot of marker artists use bristol board so i may give that a go instead.
I dont really like the colours i picked for this either...talking of colour how dark does this look to you? on my comp it looks like how it does in person but on petes the colours are much darker, you can only just tell his top is purple. i dont know who's comp is wrong hehe.

I finished "a brief history of time - stephen hawkings" really enjoyed it. It was a lot easier to follow than "hiding in the mirror - lawrence m krauss" book. He made a lot of jokes in it as well :D silly scientists.

Heres some more sketches i did in the oh so very early hours this morning while watching documentries on serial killers :D

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