Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Heres another one of my couple drawings. I am thinking of doing coloured versions in watercolour? I dont normally use watercolour but I like how they give a light airy effect to illustrations but iwould still keep the bold black lines.

I really feel like painting today, doing some massive pinup or along those lines. I only have one A4 sized canvas though so nevermind hehe.

The other week I had an message on Deviantart telling me that a friend of theirs had used one of my drawings as a base for a tattoo. The tattooist changed it from a sailor pinup to a nurse. I was pretty taken a back as i never thought someone would get my work done as a tattoo on them, very flattering! although i wish they had asked me first about it, did make me wonder if anyone else has taken my pictures. Here's the tattoo, was done by William Rhine of Wayne's Tattoo World in Hudson,
Photobucket Zombie_Sailor_by_Displacedmind

and the picture of mine it was based off of. It's all lead me thinking about selling my work, I have some ideas for pinup paintings.

I should make a start on the stitch yourself doll if i want to get it finished in time. I ended up having my hair cut short so i'll need to draw myself different from now on hehe.

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