Saturday, 26 June 2010

comica social meet

On thursday I went to the comica social club meet up that is held on the last thursday of every month. Its at the Royal Festival Hall at southbank so i had to travel into london alone. urgh horrible but i managed it without too much panic. Met some really lovely people and i hope to make it to the next one. There were a mix of comic makers, illustrators and publishers, i felt like such a nobody hehe! but everyone was very friendly and they also liked my Stitchyourself doll that i took with me for Sarah McIntyre to give to her studio mate who was running the stitchyourself event.
I did a drawing of the super lovely and very talented Sarah McIntyre along side cute duo vern and lettuce, just one of her creations :)
My stitchyourself doll that will be show with the many others at the science museum on the 30th.

More photos can be found on my livejournal, clicky here!



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