Tuesday, 29 June 2010


its hot, very hot!

If I'm feeling well enough I'll be going to see my mini stitch yourself doll at the science museum as part of the Who Am I? gallery. It's only going to be for that evening so i would like to see it.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

comica social meet

On thursday I went to the comica social club meet up that is held on the last thursday of every month. Its at the Royal Festival Hall at southbank so i had to travel into london alone. urgh horrible but i managed it without too much panic. Met some really lovely people and i hope to make it to the next one. There were a mix of comic makers, illustrators and publishers, i felt like such a nobody hehe! but everyone was very friendly and they also liked my Stitchyourself doll that i took with me for Sarah McIntyre to give to her studio mate who was running the stitchyourself event.
I did a drawing of the super lovely and very talented Sarah McIntyre along side cute duo vern and lettuce, just one of her creations :)
My stitchyourself doll that will be show with the many others at the science museum on the 30th.

More photos can be found on my livejournal, clicky here!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I felt like doing some digital work :) I used my original lineart instead of going over it with the pentool. I fiddled with the colour of it though :)
Some silly sketches I did last night
Artwork (c) Sarah Dickson
whoo i drew my new hair :D i was trying to different facial expressions but i tend to pull the same goofy grin in all my photos hehe.
Artwork (c) Sarah Dickson
Always enjoy drawing the pete :D

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I started reading Petes copy of "The Complete Short Stories-Franz Kafka" tonight but I dont think I have the right kind of mindset for existentialism. I keep coming to the end of every story completely puzzled. I do like the way his writes, beautiful descriptions but sadly utter nonsense to me!
I wont give up just yet, I at least want to give "The Metamorphosis" ago before i admit defeat.

Finished reading "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat-Oliver Sacks". In the last part of the book he talked about his work with savants, really interesting. I've watched a few documentaries on savant syndrome before but i wouldnt mind reading more about the subject.

I think I'll buy some new books on amazon tonight :)

off to draw now as i cant sleep surprise surprise!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Artwork (c) Sarah Dickson
Me and the Pete :D

Artwork (c) Sarah Dickson
Artwork (c) Sarah Dickson
yeah i really cant draw puffins! But I like the middle one even if it does look more like a penguin!

Blurgh I do not feel well :( I've had awful insomnia for over a week now and haven't slept at all at night. Although i am able to sleep during the day its not enough and not very deep. So yeah its playing havoc with my ME and am finding it hard to concentrate on drawing but I have been doing a lot of reading so bit of a sliver lining then. I am reading "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat-Oliver Sacks" he's a neurologist and its some of his case histories. interesting stuff but his writing style does not flow that easily.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


No sleep again last night so I did a coloured version of the other couple drawing.

I forgot to say in my last post that i gave watercolour a try. I am awful at it :( but i'll try again once i have some tape to hold down my paper and some different watercolour paints. I think i would fair better with the dry block type rather than the wet tube stuff.

Heres some silly giraffe's for Claire :D
Artwork (c) Sarah Dickson

right time for morning cuppa with Pete.

Monday, 14 June 2010


I finally got some marker paper and to test it out I did a coloured version of the couple picture. Well it did bleed a lot less but i dont like how the paper itself looks, all thin and almost see-through. I know a lot of marker artists use bristol board so i may give that a go instead.
I dont really like the colours i picked for this either...talking of colour how dark does this look to you? on my comp it looks like how it does in person but on petes the colours are much darker, you can only just tell his top is purple. i dont know who's comp is wrong hehe.

I finished "a brief history of time - stephen hawkings" really enjoyed it. It was a lot easier to follow than "hiding in the mirror - lawrence m krauss" book. He made a lot of jokes in it as well :D silly scientists.

Heres some more sketches i did in the oh so very early hours this morning while watching documentries on serial killers :D

Thursday, 10 June 2010

sketch dump :D

didnt sleep last night and cant sleep now, urgh stress in a pain grr. but at least i got some drawing done, lots of cute animals aww ;)
Heres the red panda that cuppykate & you_were_almost_right on my blogspot asked for. Im not happy with it but i think thats because its just lineart and would be better coloured in.

Froggies requested by suki_stardust. I didnt know what type of frogs to draw so theres a bit of a mix. I did try to draw a Axolotl but it came out awful lol.

A baby elephant requested by vintagemousing. I saw the cutest picture of an baby elephant playing with a huge toy, it had to be drawn! I want to try my hand at watercolouring this one.

And finally Pete asked for a baby rhino <3

Monday, 7 June 2010



I couldnt sleep from the heat so i decided to draw a baby tapir :D I love tapirs but not as much as cows of course!
might draw some more animals, suggestions welcome.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


I finally finished reading "Hiding in the mirror-Lawrence M. Krauss" though to be fair i was reading 3 other books on and off too. I really enjoyed but did find some parts of it rather hard going, but as brain refuses to work whenever maths is involved i dont think i did too badly.
I want to read his other books, "Atom" and because im a big geek "The Physics of Star Trek" :P

Watch this! Its a talk he gave on our universe and that how most of it is made up of nothing! He's funny too, "Forget Jesus, the stars died so that you could be here today." he makes jokes in the book i just read as well, i really didnt expect that in a science book hehe.

Finished reading "the catcher in the rye - J.D Salinger" yesterday as well. It didnt end at all how i expected it too. Dont get me wrong i really enjoyed it but i thought a lot more would happen it.

After going to doctors yesterday I popped into the charity shop next door to the chemists and got myself a right bargin, "A brief history of time - Stephen Hawkins" for 50p! :D I also picked up a copy of "The republic - Plato" im not sure what i'll make of it but thought i should give it ago. I might punching above my literacy weight with it though.
Anywho i've already started reading A brief history of time and finding it pretty easy going to what i expected it would be like. Am only a few chapters in, so maybe time will tell (excuse the pun)

I made a start on my stitch yourself doll. the basic doll is finished apart attaching the head but its easier to work on the face with it not attached at the moment.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Heres another one of my couple drawings. I am thinking of doing coloured versions in watercolour? I dont normally use watercolour but I like how they give a light airy effect to illustrations but iwould still keep the bold black lines.

I really feel like painting today, doing some massive pinup or along those lines. I only have one A4 sized canvas though so nevermind hehe.

The other week I had an message on Deviantart telling me that a friend of theirs had used one of my drawings as a base for a tattoo. The tattooist changed it from a sailor pinup to a nurse. I was pretty taken a back as i never thought someone would get my work done as a tattoo on them, very flattering! although i wish they had asked me first about it, did make me wonder if anyone else has taken my pictures. Here's the tattoo, was done by William Rhine of Wayne's Tattoo World in Hudson,
Photobucket Zombie_Sailor_by_Displacedmind

and the picture of mine it was based off of. It's all lead me thinking about selling my work, I have some ideas for pinup paintings.

I should make a start on the stitch yourself doll if i want to get it finished in time. I ended up having my hair cut short so i'll need to draw myself different from now on hehe.


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