Tuesday, 18 May 2010

being active

ok im going to try to update this blog more often! its been forever so i'll just post some thumbnails of what i've been doing....(click to see bigger versions!)

rosepinupleedsrude awakeningfruitygirlsredgreenHappy Easterpoutbcardhevknees

That'll do for now, there is more but no uploaded to my flickr account and im too lazy to move the pictures hehe.

I am thinking of making a little felt version of me for http://www.stitchldn.com/stitchyourself.html i wouldnt have much time to make it as i need to finish a dread kit for my friend in the next two weeks, but it would be nice to have something i've made in the science museum.

I have been feeling a bit down hearted when it comes to art lately. I wish i hadnt of become ill so i could of done more in college or attend now. I was looking into college courses for people in my situation but there isnt many art ones + i dont know if i could keep it up.
I find just drawing for myself overwhelming most of the time but i am trying to do more, even though it feels pointless right now :(

I read "1984" the other week and loved it, in fact i think its one of the best books i've read. I really wasnt expecting that ending! Im also in the middle of reading "Hiding in the Mirror by Lawrence Krauss" its about extra dimensions, string theory etc yes i am a big geek :P and "charlie brooker - dawn of the dumb" i love Charlie Brooker so much, his rant about hating children fills me with glee ;)


  1. Aww, don't feel down hearted, you have a real talent! I wish I hadn't given up doing an art course after Loughborough but then again, I'm not sure art within the education system works for everyone. If you ever want me to take any work you do to craft fairs then I'd be more than happy to!

  2. You do have real talent! And there is always time to go back to college... in the meantime, there are so many tutorials and so much information online, you can pretty much glean all the info you'd get in a class from some online source. The only thing you'd be lacking is the feedback, and that's what the web can also be useful for! (especially here at your blog)

    I love the update, can't wait to see more :)

  3. thankies to both of you :)

    i think what i find hard is that i have no direction when it comes to my art, no running theme. i wish i could think of a progect to do instead of random pictures, if you get what i mean.

    thanks again for the supportive comments <3



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