Saturday, 28 November 2009


insomnia bad for my health but good for my crafting ;)

im sat amongst little body bits of gingerbread men, waiting to be put together. I found a cute pattern on the lionbrand website, thats pretty straight forward to make. I will as always change some of the the moment mine dont have any faces, kinda creepy.

Im hoping i can keep the crafty bug up long enough to make some for my friends & family. My dad loves chritsmas decorations as much as me so i think he would really like one.
I am going to keep a couple though, i've already got attached to one of them when i gave it a silly voice while being silly with pete. It's been hugged up with Suki (my cat) for most of the night eee cute!

Not really art related but I've been really wanted to watch Disney's Robin Hood lately. I love the artwork in it and its one of those films that gives me a warm snuggly feeling.
When i get drawing again i think i might do a Robin picture, yes im that lame ;)

i should go to bed.

1 comment:

  1. I've seen that pattern on Lion Brand, it' so cute!! You'll have to post pics when you've finished them! :D



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