Sunday, 22 November 2009

long time no post. I've been really busy with getting ready for my friends wedding last weekend so havent had time to do other crafty stuff.

I did a painting of nightmare before christmas for them as a wedding gift as they had a NBC themed wedding.

A lot of the colours are lost in the photo sadly :( it was done on a A4 canvas in acrylic paint.

I made myself some super long curly dreads to wear as i thought it would be a lot more fancy than normal straight dreads. They were such a pain to make though! im not really sure i like them that much either, i think i'll stick to straight ones from now on.

curlydown curlydownback

I really dont know if i'll be up to making things for christmas this year. i really wanted to do some decorations & presents. I started on writing out christmas cards tonight and its got me all festive feeling! i cant wait to put up my decorations...i still have the halloween ones up, yeah im lazy hehe.

oh one last thing, guess who i met last month?! Hello Kitty!! :D
Best day ever!


  1. The NBC painting is fab!! You're very talented, I wish I could paint!

    Love the wavy dreads too! Again, something I wish I could do but sadly can't!

    I did some Christmas cards the other day (including one for you!) and they had glitter on and it went all over the table :( Not happy, I hate messy-ness like that!

    Where did you meet Hello Kitty?!! I want to meet her! :D

  2. thank you hun! i dont really enjoy painting, i find it so hard going >_<

    i've wrote out your card too! :D i will post it soon, maybe tomorrow if i remember ;)
    aw yeah glitter gets everywhere! i have penpals that write in glitter pens, my hands will be covered afterwards!

    i met her at covent garden's shop as she was there for her birthday :D

  3. I posted your card yesterday! Hope it arrives soon!

    Aawww I didn't know it was Hello Kitty's birthday! She must be quite old now!

  4. it hasnt turned up yet :/ but i'll let you know as soon as it does :) x



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