Saturday, 10 October 2009

I've done a lot of crocheting this week, although right now it doesnt look like much. I've almost finished the cupcake i have been working on, it just needs a few finishing touches and to be stuffed. i was thinking about weighting it down with some rice...rice is ok to use right? it wont go off will it? hmm.
I've also started making a care bear! i know i should really finish the things im working on already like the beetlejuice plushie before i start on something else. but i felt like a break from doing that as i'll only end up making mistakes if im not interested in doing it. will finish it soon though.

So yeah the care bear, i found an offical pattern for it but im changing it to be like the toxic care i drew ages ago :) lots of lime green!
i've never done anything this big before and my hand is killing! i have a lot of problems with my fingers swelling and hurting because of the cfs/fibro but im making good headway with it.

I've also found a pattern for eeyore that im going to try and make for my mums birthday. she's a big fan. i need to get some new wool though as i dont have the right shades of bluey purple. Eeyore used to be grey! bah oh well...i want to make a little birthday hat and cake to go with it just so its a bit different.
It looks like a tricky pattern i hope im able to do it.

right back to the crocheting!


  1. I often use rice to weigh stuff down with too, I don't think it goes off either as it's dry to start with :D

    Hope your hands get a bit better soon; it's bad enough for me when my hands get tired so it must be horrible for you *hugs*

  2. i'll have to pick some up then as i think if i just stuff it all with normal fluffy stuffing it'll tip over.

    thanks hun *hugs* the swelling has gone down now its just a bit stiff. My bf told me NO CROCHETING! yesterday so i could recover hehe.


  3. Yeah, everyone needs a break from time to time, escpessially (sp?) if your hands are hurting :)



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