Monday, 26 October 2009


Heres the cupcake i made for a family member, she turned 16 the other week & really likes cupcakes. I was worried about picking the right colours as when i was 16 i only wore black ;) so i cant really relate with a trendy girl hehe. But she loved it so im very pleased.
The star has a paper clip hidden inside so it can hold photos or notes, i also weighed it down with rice.

This sat i went to the halloween hair meet :) its a group of girls who make fake hair & are on the same forum. i'll post about it on here as it is kind of craft related as we make our own dreads, some are dread sellers.

group shot of some of the girls, i didnt managed to get a photo of all of us :(

me! yeah i couldnt help myself ;) i had rather dull hair this time round as i normaly go with neon dreads! i tried to make the effort else where hense the dress.

I have made a start on the painting. I forgot how long it takes me to paint.
Im also working on a digital drawing of the raccoons cartoon hehe. It's just a silly thing to help pass the time so i dont know when i'll get it finished.


  1. a hair meet?! how glorious... looks like it was loads of fun!

    also, that cupcake is fabulous. well made!

  2. Love the cupcake! And the hair meet looks like fun! :D



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